Progressive feel very fortunate to have so many clients who care deeply about the environmental and social impact they have. Where you invest your money can be one of the most powerful things you can do to cut your carbon footprint and make a positive environmental and social impact. Progressive has helped our clients be part of the thoughtful solution rather than part of the unthinking herd that continues to support fossil fuels.


Sustainability and related considerations have become ever more prevalent in today’s world and many others have reacted accordingly to be seen to be doing the right thing. Progressive, alongside our clients, have led rather than followed and can point to early investments in this space and continued engagement.

Sustainable Investment

We recognise that sustainability applies to investment strategy as well and want clients to make investments that help deliver their long term financial objectives AND deliver positive impact. We want sustainable long-term relationships and are privileged that this is what we have.

Climate change can just feel too big an issue for many. We hope the below illustrates the very real impact that our clients have made and the potentially global impact to come.

The examples provided on this page will not necessarily be suitable for all of our clients given their risk profiles.

Ketton Solar Farm

Progressive clients have been instrumental in financing numerous solar farms in the UK including the award winning Ketton Solar Plant located next to the cement works in Rutland that was connected to the grid in 2014.

Ellough Solar Farm

Progressive clients provided the initial construction finance to build the Ellough solar farm before this was sold to a listed infrastructure fund in 2014. Following construction and grid connection the risk profile of the investment has reduced significantly and, as part of a very large pool of wider infrastructure assets including schools and hospitals, remains an asset numerous clients remain part owners of.

Waste Plastic

Progressive clients were the founding investors for a company seeking to become the world’s leading producer of recycled hydrocarbons from waste plastics – helping to decarbonise the petrochemical industry and eliminate global plastic pollution.

Battery Storage

Progressive clients were the founding investors for a battery technology company focused on commercial solutions for the successful transition to a sustainable economy through the storage of renewable energy. The company successfully listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM market and continues to commercialise its technology.

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