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We put our clients at the heart of everything that we do, we value the long-term relationships we have with them and pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional service.


We are truly independent financial advisers. We are not tied to any product provider and can access the whole of the market. We are independent in our approach, we do not follow the herd. “If you want to be average, do what others do”. Our clients are individuals and deserve better than average.

Client led

We put our clients at the heart of everything that we do. We value the relationships we have built with them and pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional service. We have undertaken next to no marketing, but have built up a remarkable client base predominantly through word of mouth and professional recommendations. The many family groups for whom we look after several generations are a testament to the long-term relationships we have with our clients. We are also highly focused on personal and business succession planning, working alongside a network of professional connections.

As well as working with our long-standing client base, we also enjoy getting to know new people we can start long-term relationships with. For any new clients we would first want to meet with you to ensure we could have a productive working relationship and that we could add value. There is no charge nor ensuing obligation from holding this initial meeting. We have no fees or contract structures designed to ‘lock you in’. We want only happy clients and in the exceptional circumstance that you would wish to change adviser, we would help accommodate that smoothly.

Tax efficient

By understanding your immediate and long-term financial objectives Progressive can help you employ strategies to keep more of your own wealth. Different investment strategies advised by Progressive to preserve, enhance and generate wealth work hand in hand with effective tax planning to deliver optimal post tax returns.

Progressive advise on both the simple (pensions, ISAs and targeting different tax treatments) and the more specialist tax planning areas (including trusts, Business Property Relief, Enterprise Investment Scheme and Venture Capital Trust investment). In-depth specialist knowledge enables Progressive to access unique options, offering enhanced investor value in addition to a far higher level of understanding of the full range of market options.


Putting clients first means we welcome collaboration with other advisers, whether they be specialist tax advisors, accountants or pensions compliance specialists.

What is important is that our clients achieve the best outcome, whether that be advised by us solely or, collaboratively with others where we can take the lead or act in a supporting role. We have long-standing relationships with accountants, tax advisors and other professionals who we have collaborated to deliver great client service.

Socially and environmentally impactful

Where you invest your money can be one of the most powerful things you can do to cut your carbon footprint and have a positive environmental and social impact. Progressive has helped our clients be part of the solution rather than part of the herd that continues to unwittingly support fossil fuels. Our clients care about their impact and we have been able to support them invest in renewable energy infrastructure and new technologies, including waste plastic recycling and battery technologies, that could have a truly global impact.

We have significant expertise in the environmental impact investment space and recognise that client investments must align with both their financial and environmental objectives to ensure sustainability.

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Fee fair

Our fees are transparent and excellent value for money. Over many years the cumulative impact of fees can have a significant impact on a client’s wealth and we do what we can to minimize this impact. We have compared our fees against the market and our fees are significantly lower than the average wealth manager charges. We can maintain this relatively low cost structure due to our well established client base and we choose to keep fees low in our desire to enhance value for our clients.

Our passion comes from delivering excellent advice, we care about what we do and how our clients can benefit. We are a commercial enterprise but success for us, like many of our clients, is not driven purely by narrow short-term financial goals.

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